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By: D. Reto, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Co-Director, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine

The workshop was a part of a broader series of events under the banner of “The Stubbornness of the Empirical spasms right abdomen discount flavoxate 200 mg with mastercard,” organized by Matt Hare and Ben Woodard muscle relaxant headache generic flavoxate 200 mg online. In this paper Hare and Woodard examine the tensions between the empirical and the formal at stake in the pursuit of an “ideal language muscle relaxant pregnancy safe order flavoxate 200 mg mastercard. The compression ratio between the simplicity of the rule set and the depth of the strategy is an amazing ratio (…) that ratio is in the entire world around us (…) between generative system and emergence. Primarily oral cultures did not even think analytical ly, as language was embedded and situated in the time and space of live speech, each utterance bound to its lifeworld. The capacity for language to be a tool for analysis and distance from that which it represented emerged only with writing. Now, as writing technologies are quicker, more accessible, and ubiq uitous, the gap between everyday speech and writing is disappearing, radically transforming public discourse and language itself. A: Not the critique of contemporary fascism, but the reactiva tion, by means of fascism, of an obsolescent disciplinary erotics. The following text drops the boots, but holds on to Sade a little longer, to think through Foucault’s suggestions. In his ffth year of captivity in the tower of Vincennes, Louis Alphonse Donatien comes to believe that the dreams of the incarcerated have premonitory virtues. Yet I dreamed that the Duke of La Vallière, whom I’ve neither seen nor known, was dead; three days later, you send me the almanac that informs me of the same. I had the same dream about Madame de Saint-Germain, but if it was true, do not tell me, because I love her, I’ve always loved her prodigiously and I will be inconsolable. I am very far from believing in dreams, but I have come to be persuaded that nature gives very singular inspirations to a being that has been abandoned to itself and deprived of society. A new kind of power over bodies, which both multiplied their powers and obtained their subjection, by isolating, categorizing, monitoring, subdividing and optimizing bodies down to the smallest gesture, was still only in the bud. Its judgments and sentences were no longer credible, nor even predictable, and the spectacular tortures it de manded presented more and more of a risk for public order amid the dawning class war. The frst mod ern prisons emerged in this void, as the disciplinary technology of schools, armies and manufactories were experimentally applied to new subjects (criminals) and to new spaces. It was in prison that discipli-nary pow 191 er achieved maximum consistency and intensity, and began to radiate outwards again, gaining power in the court system as well, where experts on the soul—crimi nologists, psychologists, and other “expert witnesses”— now rivaled the authorities on the law. The experts on the soul were now quasi-judges; this event transformed, in its turn, the schools and workplaces where discipli nary power had frst emerged, turning educators, doc tors, superintendents, social workers, and others into educator-judges, doctor-judges, etc. From that point on, all forms of discipline in society communicated fuid ly in one seamless “carceral tissue”2 that traversed the whole of society and life. This process only took about sixty years to reach com pletion, from 1760 to 1840. Nevertheless, for a no-ble like Sade, even if he hadn’t been locked away for over a decade, its prodromes would have been as invisible and as remote as those of the French Revolution. Sade’s world was still feudal, and his incarceration was only legal under the absolute monarchy. All charges against him were ofcially annulled in 1778, after which he was held indefnitely by royal “letter of signet. Most of the prisoners in Vincennes or the Bastille were held on royal letters of signet, like 192 him. The Bastille and Vincennes, where he wrote the 120 Days of Sodom, were unsophisticated and pre-disciplinary. His own body in confnement, Sade began to invent phan tasmagorias of a new kind of power over bodies and of its social world. He saw numerological messages in his wife’s letters, which alluded to the date of his release. Whenever his wife, or someone else, would slip a signal into one of her letters, he would be wrenched with rage and despair: Your mother must be precisely drunk or mad enough to chain up, to risk the life of her daughter for the sake of writing a 19 and 4 or 16 and 9… Oh! I’m certain that if she dies of it without exploding, you could cut her open and millions of numbers would burst forth from her entrails. A reader of Gilbert Lély’s beautiful biography, Life of the Marquis de Sade (1952), is often struck by the extreme pain of Sade’s frst years in Vincennes, and by the loneliness that his paranoia brings on, by frustrating and humiliat ing the people who care the most about him. He was not much of a writer before his incarceration, perhaps in part because his sexual fantasies had not yet attained the same degree of singularity. From what we know—in letters and in the testimonies of his accusers and victims—the acts that Sade engaged in never went beyond what’s found in the frst two parts of the 120 Days of Sodom. The novel is divided into four parts, in which the stories told will relate to four diferent, and 194 ascending, classes of passions: the simple passions, the double passions, the criminal passions, and the murder ous passions.

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Science education researchers have examined how students interpret phylogenetic trees gastric spasms symptoms buy 200mg flavoxate with visa. The mathematical distinction between geometry and topology are particularly useful here muscle relaxant tv 4096 purchase flavoxate overnight. A tree is like a baby’s mobile muscle relaxant vitamins order flavoxate online now, with various baby animals dangling above the crib. We can swivel the mobile in the air, or lay the tree down fat T30 Chapter 5 on a table without changing its topology — the links are the same even though which components are next to each other can vary greatly depending upon which nodes we swivel. On the other hand, we can change the topology by simply switching which pendant from which we hang a particular animal. Some examples include (1) examining whether the heights or weights of individuals are normally distributed, (2) testing with a chi-squared goodness-of-ft test whether the results of a dihybrid testcross ft a ratio such as 1:1:1:1, (3) using a student’s T-test to see whether two distributions are diferent from one another, (4) testing whether bird nests are randomly distributed spatially in a prairie or woods, and (5) visually testing the correlation of two variables with linear regression to infer whether a causal relationship might exist (with all of the precautions of not confusing correlation and causation). Your students will employ some of these uses of statistics in Investigation 2: Mathematical Modeling: Hardy-Weinberg. Powerful statistical packages, spreadsheets, and many Web tools are readily available to compute these statistics. Tus, your focus should not be on teaching computation, but should instead be on helping students develop the skills for using statistics to inform their investigations. For example, students should select appropriate tests before data are collected in order to inform experimental design. Statistics builds on all of the counting, measuring, graphing, data mining, analysis, and problem solving previously described; statistics also facilitates the development of keen judgment to deal with the ambiguous and unwarranted assumptions that are typical of an investigation. As with problem solving, it is essential that students practice and work with several diferent types of problems that employ statistical analysis of data. Students just beginning to design and carry out their own investigations tend to propose only a single hypothesis as a causal model. It is important that students, as they develop more expert inquiry skills, learn to propose and investigate all possibilities for a particular phenomenon wherever possible, and to design experiments to eliminate all but one competing hypothesis. Within this manual there are several labs in which students will engage in hypothesis testing. Here’s an example: Leopard frogs have polymorphic patterns on their skins designated as pipiens, mottled, burnsi, or kandiyohi phenotypes. Peter Volpe (Anderson and Volpe 1958) reported the results from experiments to determine how skin pattern is inherited in leopard frogs. The segregation observed in the progeny of the cross, kandiyohi female x burnsi male, was 15 kandiyohi, 11 burnsi, 10 pipiens, and 14 mottled burnsi (see Figure 5). The reciprocal cross, burnsi female x kandiyohi male, yielded 10 kandiyohi, 7 burnsi, 8 pipiens, and 5 mottled burnsi (see Figure 6). The results are interpretable on the basis that the parental kandiyohi and burnsi frogs in each cross were heterozygous. Tere are actually two hypotheses that could account for an observed ratio in the ofspring of a cross. If they are crossed, they would have generated four genotypes (AaBb, Aabb, aaBb, and aabb) in a one-to-one­ to-one-to-one ratio. What kind of strategies or further investigatiwon could distinguish between the two hypotheses? In this lab manual, one of the exercises walks the students through the steps necessary to begin developing a spreadsheet-based Hardy Weinberg population genetics model. Troughout this process, students will be making claims and evaluating evidence in support of them, engaging in both reasoning and rebuttal. It is important, though, that you work through these models beforehand to get a feel for the process. To give you an idea of how you might approach modeling instruction, the following is an example of the steps you could take to develop a model of predator-prey cycles with students — as a game and as a mathematical model. In the following example, there are four main stages: (1) constructing a model game, (2) writing assumptions out as word equations, (3) abstracting the word T32 Chapter 5 equations into arithmetic equations, and (4) generating a calculator or spreadsheet graphic model of the game played over time. Aferward, there are the following summative activities: (1) checking the model against real data, (2) considering alternative models, and (3) recognizing the limitations of the model. You will also need beans (or other markers) of two diferent colors to represent “Foxes and Rabbits. Rabbits reproduce (births): When a rabbit lands on a dark blue square, add a rabbit. If a fox lands in a patch of four (outlined in green border) with a rabbit, then remove the rabbit (death), and add a fox (birth).

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Trying to spasms homeopathy right side discount flavoxate 200 mg with amex change them would have been as futile as my trying to spasms hands and feet buy 200mg flavoxate with amex change the outcome of the movies I was watching one floor above spasms shoulder purchase flavoxate online from canada. Usually, however, we are in familiar situations interacting with others who are well known to us, whom we can affect by how we act. But the difference between low and high authoritarians is one of degree, I repeat, not kind. To put a coda on this section: with enough direct pressure from above and subtle pressure from around us, Milgram has shown, most of us cave in. But it makes crystal clear, if it wasn’t before, why we have to keep malevolent leaders out of power. Ordinary Men If you’re thinking that the man on the street might somehow be manipulated into administering possibly lethal shocks to someone in a psychology experiment, but he certainly could not be induced to murder innocent victim after innocent victim in real life, let me ask you: Who did the killing in the Holocaust? And they operated the death camps, including the greatest murder factory of them all, Auschwitz-Birkenau. Some of it was done by quite ordinary men who were not consumed with anti-Semitism, and who were only marginally members of the German armed forces. It was a part of the “Order Police” formed in Germany to maintain control in occupied countries. Battalion 101 had eleven officers and nearly 500 men-nearly all of them from Hamburg. Their commander, Major Wilhelm Trapp, was a World War I veteran who had risen in the police service after that war. They had worked on the docks, driven trucks, and moved things around warehouses for the most part prior to being drafted. Although a quarter of them were members of the Nazi Party, they had grown up before Hitler came to power. At first the battalion rounded up Jews in various locations and send them off to camps and eventual death. The men did this with about as much hesitation as Milgram’s subjects showed in the “Eichmann condition. His platoon was therefore put in charge of moving the Jewish men to the labor camp. As the day of execution dawned Trapp assembled his battalion, told them of their assignment, and then made an extraordinary offer: any of the older policemen who did not feel up to the task would be excused. But the rest of the battalion stayed in their ranks, and were soon moved out to perform the executions. Major Trapp excused himself from any direct participation, and the three company commanders organized the massacre. The policemen blocked off the Jewish section of the village and set to work herding the residents to the town square. Infants and small children were sometimes shot on the spot, but usually were moved with everyone else to the square. One company of the battalion was pulled aside and given a quick lesson in how to shoot someone in the back of the head with a rifle. It then moved to a nearby wooded area and awaited the victims to be brought to them in trucks. When the trucks were unloaded the executioners were paired off, face to face, with their individual victims. They marched the Jews further into the woods, made them kneel down, and shot them. The killings continued all day without interruption, but the pace was slow so Major Trapp ordered a second company into the woods to speed up the murders. The leader of one of the platoons in this company gave all his men the opportunity to do something else, without penalty, but no one took up his offer. Some of the shooters asked to be given other assignments, especially after being given a woman or child to kill, and generally they were excused. Some of the policemen deliberately missed their target from point-blank range, while others just “disappeared” into the woods for the rest of the day. At least 80 percent of those called upon to murder helpless civilians did so and continued to do so until all the Jews from Jozefow had been killed. Afterwards Major Trapp instructed his men not to talk among themselves about what they had done. The physical act of shooting someone had proved quite gruesome, with many of the shooters becoming covered with the blood and brains of their victims.

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This is so well accepted that many universities and colleges are incorporating animals in their counselling muscle relaxant comparison chart order genuine flavoxate on line. In nursing home settings spasmus nutans treatment purchase generic flavoxate on line, interaction with visiting dogs has led to spasms cerebral palsy order flavoxate online from canada more social behaviours and more interaction among residents (Johnson, 2011; McCardle, 2011; Griffin, McCune, Maholmes, & Hurley, 2011; Thorpe, Serpell & Suomi, 2011; Lee Davis, Maurstad, & Dean, 2015). And while some studies have reported that interacting with horses may improve aspects of social functioning among children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (Anderson & Meints, 2016), the health benefits bestowed by horses are still quite theoretical based on anecdotal data. With little available empirical evidence and mixed outcomes that are difficult to interpret, current literature does not provide a definitive conclusion that equine-assisted interventions are efficacious (Kendall, Maujean, Pepping, & Wright, 2014; Anderson & Meints, 2016). The study involved female addicts between the ages of 9 and 16 who had been sent to a six month residential treatment program. Part of the field research for this study took place at Cartier Farms where Gayle Cartier developed the program fifteen years ago. It is based on building trust through behaviour, teaching communication, sharing, inclusion and problem solving. When the young addicts focused on the 57 horse they defocused on their own deficit. When they projected a calm and relaxed state, they were better able to calm and control the horse. The Universities of Saskatchewan and Regina study (2013) concluded that interacting with the horses in this facilitated experiential learning situation, even for a short time, appeared to improve the girls‟ self-awareness and as a result, their social awareness as well (University of Saskatchewan, 2013). I observed this myself in a class with 11 young girls from the White Buffalo Inhalant Treatment Centre, a volatile population with very poor interpersonal and coping skills. Many came into the Cartier Farm arena uninterested, disengaged and uncooperative, but in the end they all participated willingly. Being accepted by such a large and powerful animal and having it cooperate in any way, was a big confidence booster (Cartier 2015). The girls worked in teams of two paired with a specific horse, very much like the Dreamwinds equine assisted learning program in Ontario. The challenge was to work cooperatively together while trying to lead the horse through the maze, or to traverse a barrier, or put his hoof on a glove. Getting the task done correctly was not in and of itself the main goal, but rather learning from the process was the object of the exercises. In an effort to quantify some of what I was observing when the participants interacted with the horses, I picked three girls, and spent an equal amount of time with each counting how often they touched the horse and how long the touch lasted. I also observed how the nature of the touch changed during the course of the hour class. Interestingly there was a relationship between the frequency, duration and quality of touch. The girl with the poorest communication skills who was most disengaged with her surroundings and unable to make eye contact touched the horse the least, and for the shortest time engaged in a furtive superficial touching. The second girl touched the horse more and longer but she didn‟t pat or stroke the 58 horse as much as poked and scratched in an awkward absentminded manner. Her relationship to the horse was far more demonstrative than any of her interaction with the humans. Given their lack of self-confidence and assertiveness it was interesting to watch the girls at the end of the hour when each was asked to pick a word from the board that best described their experience. Interestingly the words they chose were similar to those chosen by the participants at Dreamwinds: bravery, courage, teamwork and communication. My impression was that by focusing on their relationship with the horse the girls began to defocus on their deficits. While the equine assisted activity was designed to provide opportunities for motivational and educational benefits that would enhance the children‟s quality of life (University of Saskatchewan, 2013), the study, while endorsing the psychosocial benefits of the program, did not address the duration of those benefits. Was the girls‟ improved confidence and communication visible on the bus ride home from Cartier Farm, or back at their residence where caregivers reported much friction and conflict? While at the Cartier Equine Assisted Learning centre, I was also introduced to a Prince Albert firefighter who had been off work for three years suffering from debilitating post traumatic stress syndrome. After years of pulling bodies from burning buildings he found himself in a situation where he was the “body”. Depressed and suicidal he was unable to work… 59 unable to do much of anything except go to his doctors‟ appointments to get more pills that turned him into a walking zombie. By now he and his wife had a new baby but he couldn‟t bear being around the noise coming from his own child.

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