Using Drones for Inspections

GBGROUP November 15, 2022 44

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Podcast Overview:

This week, we explore using drones for inspections in HOA communities. Hosts Regan Brown and Bill Mann of The G.B. Group, Inc. are joined by guest expert Randall Davis, Building Consultant and FAA Pilot with Childress Engineering Services to discuss all things drones – how can they help your HOA, and what are the requirements?

Drones can increase efficiency and save time and money for both HOAs and homeowners. They provide quick access to hard-to-reach areas and offer high-resolution images for thorough inspections. But, there are certain requirements for using drones, including proper certifications, FAA regulations, and liability insurance.

In addition to the benefits of efficiency and cost savings, using drones for inspections can also improve safety. Traditional inspection methods often require workers to climb ladders or use scaffolding, which can be risky and time-consuming. Drones eliminate the need for these potentially dangerous tasks, allowing inspections to be conducted from the ground. They can also provide a closer and more detailed look at the property, potentially identifying issues that may have been missed with a visual inspection from the ground.

Our expert guest will delve into these requirements and discuss the benefits of using drones for inspections in residential, commercial, and high-rise properties.

“The drones worked so well that people had to stop complaining about it when they saw how effective it really is.”

Randall Davis

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Using Drones for Inspections
Using Drones for Inspections

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