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GBGROUP November 8, 2022 46

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This week we took a deep dive into the topic of Wellness in the Workplace. Regan Brown and Bill Mann of the G.B. Group, Inc. sit down with Michelle Hawkins, Division Executive Assistant working with The Management Trust. Michelle discusses how The Management Trust has developed a wellness program to support their staff from conception to where they see it going in the future.

Michelle covers the ins and outs of putting together a wellness committee within her company, organizing events that employees want to participate in, and sending out literature in the form of a newsletter. From walking meditation to yoga in the office, the leadership team of this company has found the true benefit of implementing an authentic wellness program for your employees. Listen to the end to hear how incorporating wellness in the workplace can not only reduce stress and turnover but more importantly improve the company culture and even attract new applicants!

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“Wellness is not all about diet and exercise, and it is not a one size fits all model.”

Michelle Hawkins

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