Preparing Your HOA for Fire Season: Tips & Strategies

GBGROUP July 11, 2023 13

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Join Regan Brown, Kelly Zibell, and Bill Mann in a Conversation with Megan Fitzgerald-NcGowan from NFPA’s Wildfire Division

In this episode of “HOA: It’s a True Story,” host Regan Brown is joined by Kelly Zibell of the DC Group and Bill Mann of The G.B. Group, Inc. as they sit down with Megan Fitzgerald-NcGowan, an expert from the Wildfire Division of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Together, they delve into the crucial topic of preparing your HOA for the upcoming fire season.

With the increasing frequency and intensity of wildfires, it is vital for homeowners associations (HOAs) to take proactive measures to protect their communities. In this discussion, you’ll gain valuable insights into the best practices for safeguarding your HOA against the threat of wildfires.

Megan Fitzgerald-NcGowan emphasizes the importance of adopting a comprehensive approach to wildfire protection. From implementing effective fire prevention measures to promoting neighborhood cooperation, she highlights the role that each homeowner plays in mitigating the risk of wildfires.

One key takeaway from the episode is the influence neighbors have on each other’s properties. As Megan points out, a well-maintained property not only protects your home but also positively impacts the properties around yours.

The conversation also touches on the challenge of retrofitting existing homes and communities to meet safety standards. Megan and the podcasters explore the ways future construction can prioritize fire safety, aiming to build more resilient communities.

To further assist HOAs in their fire season preparations, the NFPA’s “Safer from the Start” document is highly recommended. This comprehensive resource provides valuable guidance on fire prevention, preparedness, and response strategies. You can access the document here.

Don’t miss this informative episode of “HOA: It’s a True Story” as you discover expert advice, insightful discussions, and actionable tips to help your HOA thrive during fire season. Whether you’re a resident, board member, or HOA management professional, this podcast offers invaluable knowledge tailored to your needs.

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