Mental Health Matters for Managers

GBGROUP November 1, 2022 13

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Podcast Overview:

Mental health matters for managers and is a critical issue that should not be overlooked. That’s the focus of this week’s HOA: It’s a True Story Podcast, hosted by Regan Brown and Bill Mann. They are joined by special guest and consultant, Vicki McHale, to delve into the topic of mental health for managers in this industry.

The podcast aims to shed light on the importance of addressing mental health issues and the potential impact it can have on the industry. It’s important for managers to prioritize their own mental well-being and to create a supportive work environment that promotes the mental health of their team members. By taking care of their own mental health, managers can better serve as leaders and role models for their teams.

If you’re interested in learning more about mental health for managers in the common interest development industry, be sure to tune in to this week’s episode of HOA: It’s a True Story Podcast.

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“When your best employees quit showing up, you absolutely know somethings happening.”

Vicki McHale
Mental Health Matters for Managers
Mental Health Matters for Managers

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