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HOA: It’s a True Story – Episode Title: Licensing Managers

Exploring CAI Credentialing, Licensing, and the Future of HOA Manager Education

In this episode of “HOA: It’s a True Story,” Regan Brown of Regan Brown Consulting and Kelly Zibell, PCAM, of DC Group, welcome Dawn Bauman, Senior Vice President, Government & Public Affairs at Community Associations Institute and Executive Director for the Community Associations Institute Foundation Research Association, to discuss a crucial topic in HOA management – Licensing Managers.

HOA management is a complex field that requires knowledge, experience, and expertise to navigate complex regulations and legal requirements. In California, HOA management professionals are required to obtain licensing and uphold a code of ethics.

Our expert guest, Dawn Bauman, sheds light on the differences between certifications and licensing and the requirements for each. She shares insights into the state licensing requirements and the role of CAI in supporting community association management education. Specifically, through their CMCA program and educational programs.

As the discussion unfolds, the hosts ask thought-provoking questions about the challenges faced by HOA management professionals. This episode covers the current labor shortage climate, the impact of outsourcing community management, and licensing in international markets.

This episode provides valuable insights for HOA managers and homeowners alike. The podcasters’ discussion touches on various topics, including construction and painting services provided to HOAs. Join Regan, Kelly, and Dawn as they explore the importance of licensing in HOA management, discuss the current state of the industry, and share their vision for the future of HOA manager education.

In conclusion, “HOA: It’s a True Story Podcast” provides valuable content to listeners, covering a range of HOA topics. Don’t miss this informative and insightful episode on Licensing Managers, available on our website and your favorite podcast platform!

“For us, the CMCA is the entry level certification for community association managers.”

Dawn Bauman
HOA: It's a True Story - Episode Title: Licensing Managers | Exploring CAI Credentialing, Licensing, and the Future of HOA Manager Education.

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