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Hiring Through Alternative Labor Sources

GBGROUP March 21, 2023 7

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Welcome back to the HOA: It’s a True Story Podcast for an episode on “Hiring Through Alternative Labor Sources.” In this episode, Regan Brown and Bill Mann of The G.B. Group, Inc. sit down with Rob Buffington, CEO of Gordian Business Solutions, to discuss the current hiring issues plaguing the Nation and how Gordian strives to find a new solution.

Gordian Business Solutions specializes in providing labor solutions to the HOA industry, with 80% of its clients operating within this sector. However, they also work with vendors of HOA companies. GBS prides itself on its ability to adapt to its client’s needs. As Buffington explains, “Our services are complimentary to regular staffing – we don’t intend to fill every position on your staff.” Instead, Gordian provides labor solutions for specialized tasks, such as social media management, administrative work, and customer service.

“Our services are complimentary to regular staffing – we don’t intend to fill every position on your staff.”

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One of the key benefits of Gordian’s approach is its ability to provide staff members who can work remotely. Buffington notes that “If they don’t have to go onsite, we can provide (a person),” and that these staff members can seamlessly integrate into their clients’ teams. “It would be a company email, a company phone number – they are part of the team,” he explains.

The benefits of this approach are clear. As Brown notes, “It’s easier to get a quorum, it’s easier to manage homeowners – you can’t just say ‘mute’”. Having staff members who can handle customer service and administrative tasks remotely means that HOA companies can improve their efficiency and provide better service to their clients.

Finally, Buffington notes that Gordian’s success is largely driven by word of mouth. “Social media definitely helps at the end of the day it is a referral business,” he explains. Buffington believes that if you find a good attitude & customer service skills, everything else can be taught.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into the current hiring issues facing the HOA industry and how Gordian Business Solutions is addressing them through innovative labor solutions.

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