Guest: Chris Sigler, C.L. Sigler & Associates

GBGROUP October 27, 2020 692 101 4

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Regan Brown and Bill Mann sit down with Chris Sigler, owner of C.L. Sigler & Associates – a construction management firm that specializes in CM services for HOA construction projects.

Chris explains when a Construction Manager should be used, as well as what services they bring to the table when brought on to a construction project. Chris sheds light on his background in civil and structural engineering, and how he got started into the HOA industry.

I don’t know anyone who’s even mostly funded. That’s an industry wide thing….people are afraid to raise their monthlies and so they’re underfunded and so they end up with special assessments.


This informative episode opens up the discussion on managing expectations on a construction project and Chris shares some success stories that he and his firm have experienced in his 20 years of business.

Photo by Ivan Bandura on Unsplash

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