Going Against the Board… Diffusing Disputes

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Handling High-Stress Situations in HOAs

Join Regan Brown, Bill Mann, and Jennifer Jacobsen as they delve into effective strategies for diffusing disputes and fostering community.

In the latest episode of “HOA: It’s a True Story,” titled “Going Against the Board…Diffusing Disputes,” our host Regan Brown and special guest Jennifer Jacobsen, Partner at Baydaline & Jacobsen, continue their discussion on the challenges faced by HOA board members. This episode focuses on how to handle high-stress situations that arise within HOAs and offers practical solutions.

One of the key topics covered in this episode is the importance of fostering a sense of community within HOAs. Brown and Jacobsen emphasize the significance of board members getting to know their neighbors and building relationships instead of perpetuating ongoing disputes with “strangers” who happen to be their neighbors. They explore various strategies, including the creation of welcome packets that promote neighborly interaction and provide a system for filing disputes when necessary.

Board Planning:

Strategic planning and succession planning are also highlighted as crucial aspects of effective HOA management. By proactively preparing for the future, board members can tackle deferred maintenance and other pressing issues. The guests emphasized the need for boards to speak with one voice to address challenges and promote unity among homeowners.

Throughout the episode, thought-provoking quotes from the experts underscore essential principles for successful HOA management. Jacobsen advises boards to take proactive measures, stating, “The board needs to run their board as a business.” She also emphasizes the significance of unity within the board, asserting, “The Board speaks with one voice, not many voices.” Additionally, Brown adds, “Being a good neighbor should never be overlooked, and it starts from the top.”

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If you’re involved in HOA management or interested in the intricacies of board dynamics, this episode offers valuable perspectives and actionable strategies. Don’t miss this engaging conversation on “HOA: It’s a True Story.” Tune in and discover practical solutions for maintaining harmony and resolving conflicts within HOAs. For more information on HOA management services in Gilroy, California, and the Bay Area, visit the links below.

“Really what the Board can do to address this is to get ahead of it – the board needs now more than ever to run their board as a business.”

Jennifer Jacobsen
Discover effective strategies for diffusing disputes and fostering community in this episode, "Going Against the Board...Diffusing Disputes."

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