Gaming the System: How to Organize Your Work & Social Media

GBGROUP May 9, 2023 1

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In this episode of HOA: It’s a True Story Podcast, titled “Gaming the System: How to Better Organize Your Work and Social Media”, Regan Brown, host, sits down with Greg Smith, PCAM of Associa, and Rachel Selwan, QAS of New Level Mmgt. LLC to discuss their insights on organization, leadership, and technology in the HOA industry.

Looking for ways to be more productive and efficient in your work and social media activities? Want to learn from HOA management experts about how to organize your tasks and build better relationships with volunteers and residents? This episode is for you.

Insights from HOA Management Experts on Organization, Leadership, and Technology

Greg and Rachel share stories and best practices on how to develop successful leadership skills and build trust with your team. Greg discusses Associa’s community management Leadership Development programs and how they can help emerging leaders achieve their career goals. Rachel emphasizes the focus on relationships and prioritizing people in all the work that you do, particularly with volunteers.

But what does “Gaming the System” mean in this context? Greg and Rachel explained that it’s a metaphor for using strategy to better organize your career and social media efforts. They share their perspectives on the concepts of organization and productivity, and how consistent discipline is the key to success.

The conversation then shifts to the future impact of technology on the HOA industry and social media world. Greg and Rachel discuss the potential benefits and risks of AI and other technological advancements, including potential copyright issues.

To wrap up, Greg and Rachel share HOA true stories from their careers in the industry.

“We have a program that goes over not just the day to day tasks, but the behaviors of successful leaders like giving feedback, building trust, and holding people accountable.”

Greg Smith

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Discover expert insights on "How to Organize Your Work & Social Media" in the HOA industry in this episode of HOA: It's a True Story Podcast.

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