Digital Board Meeting Etiquette

GBGROUP October 25, 2022 25

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Podcast Overview:

Regan Brown and Bill Mann of the G.B. Group, Inc. sat down with Robin Romo, PCAM, COO and Partner of CitiScape Property Management to discuss what we are calling “Digital Board Meeting Etiquette”. Digital board meetings have become the norm in today’s work environment, but with this shift come new challenges and considerations.

One issue that came up was the prevalence of “keyboard warriors” in digital meetings. These are individuals who may not speak up but feel more comfortable hiding behind their keyboard and dominating the chat. This can be disruptive and frustrating and lead to a lack of productivity.

Another challenge discussed is zoom fatigue, becoming increasingly common as people spend more and more time in front of screens. It’s important to take breaks from daily calls and make an effort to disconnect when possible.

In addition, the lack of in-person interaction can make it hard to check in with team members and ensure that everyone is on the same page. It’s important to follow up with team members individually to ensure that everyone has the support they need.

“You’re on their time – 100% of your attention needs to be on this client.”

Robin Romo

Key Takeaways:

It takes time to figure out how to run an effective meeting online. As a speaker, it can be hard to gauge audience engagement and feedback in a digital setting. To overcome these obstacles, it’s important to have support from management and to educate and train team members on how to improve their digital meeting skills.

While digital board meetings have their own set of challenges, with the right tools and strategies, they can be just as productive and effective as in-person meetings. It’s important to be aware of these challenges and make an effort to address them in order to ensure the success of your digital meetings. For a deeper dive into the topic of digital board meeting etiquette, be sure to listen to the full episode.

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