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APRA & Managing Pre-1978 Buildings: An Expert Discussion on Lead & Asbestos Testing

GBGROUP April 11, 2023 6

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In this episode of HOA: It’s a True Story – “APRA & Managing Pre-1978 Buildings,” Regan Brown of Regan Brown Consulting and Bill Mann, President of The G.B. Group, Inc. sit down with Mike McDermott, Operations Manager with Browning Reserve Group and President of APRA – Association of Professional Reserve Analysts. They discuss a crucial aspect APRA and managing pre-1978 buildings: lead and asbestos testing requirements planning from the Reserve study.

The Importance of Due Diligence: Protecting Residents from Asbestos Risks

Mike shares his extensive background and knowledge with the HOA Reserve Study. In addition, Mike emphasizes the importance of awareness and due diligence when it comes to lead and asbestos testing, particularly in pre-1978 buildings. Furthermore, various materials such as stucco, drywall, and flooring installation can contain asbestos, which can go unnoticed without proper inspection. HOAs must protect their residents by being aware of asbestos risks and taking necessary measures to mitigate them. Moreover, they provide valuable insights on HOA management, construction and painting services, and working with reliable service providers.

Valuable Insights for HOA Management

Throughout the podcast, Regan, Bill, and Mike provide valuable insights into how HOAs can plan for testing, what to look out for during inspection, and what steps to take if lead or asbestos is found. They also discuss other critical aspects of HOA management, such as construction and painting services, and how HOAs can work with reliable and trustworthy service providers to enhance their residents’ quality of life.

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“Once the testing has been done, you just keep it on file, you don’t have to do it again.”

Mike McDermott
APRA & Managing Pre-1978 Buildings

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