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W.O.W. for the week of April 20, 2015

In effort to get ready for the upcoming Tough Mudder, we are incorporating some exercises into our W.O.W. program in hopes to help us prepare for the big day.

As always: This is a voluntary activity and not a condition of employment at GBG.

This W.O.W. employee program is offered to encourage better health, fitness and mental clarity. This is designed to incorporate
the minimum recommended weekly exercise necessary for better health. It is not designed to replace any current activity you may
be participating in, and certainly you can modify any exercise listed to meet your physical limitations. Each week we will list 20 min.
per day of exercises that have been modified to accommodate participation in the work environment. You may break them up
into 10 minutes at a break and 10 minutes during lunch, or 15 and 5 etc. Each WOW will include a brief warm up, strength training
and 10 minute brisk walk around your building.

It’s suggested that you start with the following exercises:

#1 – Stretching and Warm-up:
Start with 3 deep breaths while stretching your arms over your
head and lowering on the exhale. Rotate your arms in large
circles forward 10 times than backward 10 times. Do not rush but
feel the muscles extending. Slowly rotate your head down and
back then side to side. Slowly bend at the waist and allow your
arms to drop to your toes. Stand with your legs apart and stretch
to each side.

#2 – Modified Cardio –
You are ready for a 10-15 minute brisk walk around your building.
If walking with a co-worker/friend, make sure you are not just
strolling and chatting. You should be able to talk, but your
breathing should be labored.

#3 – Strength –


These exercises were retrieved from the following website:

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