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The GB Group would like you to meet our wellness coach, Jake.

By: Regan Brown

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So for years we have heard the human interest stories of how pets bring comfort and joy to senior citizen groups, sick children in hospitals, aide companions for people with disabilities etc.  Recently during some construction at my own home I brought my 8 year old chocolate Labrador named “Jake” to the office to get him “out of the way”.  7 months later he has become an integral part of the corporate culture.  We now have several groups that walk him 3 times a day (he is now up to 6 miles a day) he very sweetly goes from desk to desk greeting everyone and generally making people happy.  He doesn’t judge anyone about their athletic prowess or condone work gossip, but simply gives each individual plenty of unconditional love.  He has contributed to improving the physical and mental health of our employees, stimulated exercise programs and so he has earned the title of GBG Wellness Coach. Jake has truly changed the entire “vibe” in our office!  He is so popular that even on days that I am unavailable, we now have a Jake carpool to ensure he makes it into work.  Now he is branching out and visiting our other offices to share his unconditional love with the rest of the staff.  So I guess man’s best friend has proven to this office that there is always room for a little exercise and a friendly vibe. 


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