Meet the core people who empower The GB Group through innovation, experience, and integrity.

Greg Brown

CEO - Founder

With his 45+ years of involvement within the construction community, Mr. Brown has been able to amass an extensive background and education in construction. His experiences have been in all phases of construction; including high-rise, commercial, tenant improvement, and all phases of residential. “As CEO, I rely on my experience to direct and lead our organization with a cutting edge for Community Association construction projects.” Mr. Brown is also a recognized court expert in the field of construction in both California and Nevada.

Regan Brown

President - Founder

Regan’s skill and expertise include overseeing the day-to-day operations of all of The G.B. Group’s locations including general contracting, supervision, business development, negotiations and oversight of branding, social media and specialty services. She is well known throughout the HOA industry as a respectable educational leader and speaker at several of the top affiliations and companies. She has published several articles on Detecting Problems in Buildings using Infrared Technology, Conducting Investigations for Moisture in Building Envelopes and Using IR in Construction Defect Litigation. She also speaks on topics that include: Post Litigation and Repairing Construction Defects.

Pat Falconio

Chief Operations Officer

With over 37 years experience in the construction industry, Pat monitors all aspects of operations, client/contractor relationships, and budget controls.  “The total objective is to give our customers value for their money and exceed their expectations. I am here to lead our construction team and accomplish these goals.”

Toni Rodriguez

Vice President of Internal Operations

During her 22 years of working with The G.B. Group, Toni has served in many capacities of management and business development. She has provided insight to various protocols including systems management, litigation procedures and customer service. She serves on numerous industry committees and panels throughout California. Her strong problem solving sense and solutions oriented leadership ensures her success with our clients, and within the HOA industry.

Alec Peterson

Vice President of Operations

Mr. Peterson oversees Operations for The G.B. Group, in both California and Nevada.  He is directly involved in all  protocols, operational procedures and the facilitation practices of production for the Company. His 15 years with GBG is testimony to  his dedication and commitment to our clients satisfaction relying on his experiences with high profile production practices.

Alisha Mazzucco

Vice President of Production

With an extensive background directly within Community Associations, Alisha’s industry knowledge and her expertise in the construction production processes create a significant impact and outcome for the client and company project experience.



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