GBG is Licensed.

CA State General Contractors License #680918B
NV State General Contractors License #48930A
CA General Painting License #C33
NV General Painting License C-4 #78833

Reconstruction Services for the States of California & Nevada

The GB Group has successfully been serving and renovating Community Associations in California and Nevada for over 26 years. We support many affiliations and associations within the HOA industry. Our additional certifications and specialty services allow managers, legal counsel and construction management an all-in-one location for requests.



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Exterior Coatings & Paint

The GB Group is a Licensed Painting Contractor in the states of California and Nevada. Having extensive experience in exterior coatings and paints, our in-house team of experts provide the newest products in paint and exterior coating systems. These state of the art systems can provide UV protection and Energy Star ratings that reduce energy costs.

Repairs & Maintenance

We are one of the few general contractors that can provide Property Managers and HOA’s the services required to meet their maintenance and emergency needs.

ADA Compliance

Many HOA’s are often confused on whether they need to comply with ADA. Call us to find out if you are in compliance with the Fair Housing Act and how we can help you.

Specialty Services


Certified to expertly manage all forms of Toxic Molds and Fungi Contamination. Providing complete abatement, accurate spore sampling & clearances, repair to the source or underlying cause, and repair to affected areas to match pre-existing conditions.

Ultrasound Testing

The GB Group also offers cutting edge ultrasonic investigations. Using the MS3000 by DST (Discovery Sound Technology), we provide Mechanical Assessments of Commercial or High-rise Residential Buildings using DST Proprietary Assurance Program. We are the only West Coast authorized provider.


We are pleased to introduce the latest in “Green Investigation Technology.” We are one of the few Contractors nationally that can offer this technology to our clients. With Infrared Thermography and Ultrasound testing, we can quickly identify problems without invasive testing.


Dendamix Fire Stop – we are one of the very few certified applicators in the country. It is a high quality fireproofing acoustical and thermal insulation product, that is recognized in multiple industries for both residential and commercial fire protection.

Inspections & Investigations

Building Inspections

The GB Group can provide assistance with investigating building deficiencies and providing solutions for commercial, residential and Mid & High Rise Structures.

Forensic Investigations

We are one of the leading Forensic Contractors providing litigation support to legal counsel and HOA’s assisting in a variety of issues. Let us help you save time and money.

Litigation Support

Let us put our experience to work for you and help assist you in the preparation of cases involving construction defects and/or environmental hazards.

What makes our services standout?

The GB Group has an impressive track record. From the beginning, we have served over 3,000 Home Owners Associations throughout the state of California, Nevada and Arizona. We always use the latest technology to solve problems for real people; our reputation depends on it, and allows us to remain a leader in “Specialty Construction.” See what our customers are saying .

Understanding the continuous changes in our communities, our laws, and the economic changes that affect multi-family housing has allowed us to grow and succeed in a diverse construction market.

Our 26 years of specialized construction experience, has allowed us to develop systems and protocols that anticipate the clients needs and deal with problems before they occur. This also allows us to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Our “Service First” philosophy is what drives us, and our commitment to finding and implementing the proper solutions to any construction or product failure is how we conduct business.

Have a Reconstruction or Specialty Project?

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