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CA General Painting License #C33
NV General Painting License C-4 #78833

The Montecito – Walnut Creek, CA

In Phase 1 of this project in Walnut Creek, CA, The G.B. Group team removed existing stucco system and installed a new stucco system, with a smooth finish. The existing expansion joints on the building envelope were exposing the building paper, allowing water to penetrate inside of the building. There was also severe stucco cracks and efflorescence surrounding the building at all elevations. All new flashing components were also installed for the stucco construction. The G.B. Group also installed an STO finish coating system and Acrylic crack filler with glass fiber reinforcement for surface leveling and waterproof base coat. The Montecito Phase 1 project was completed with an entire exterior base-coat, skim-coat, and paint to match the original color.


The scope of work for the project included:

  • Sliding glass door repairs – all locations
  • Private deck and balcony repairs, went back with the Mer-Ko Weather Deck System
  • Window ledge repairs
  • Window Perimeter Repairs
  • Smoothed out wall crack repairs
  • Painted railings, stucco-facades, all doors, sheet metal, window ledges and planter walls.



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