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JOIN US! In work, run and fun.

By: Regan Brown

GBG Crew

I think most people agree that working out and exercise are one and the same, but are they really? We know exercise is good for us, however I think it is difficult for most of us to put into our daily routine because of the time it takes and of course because it is “work”! In an effort to generate a healthier work force we have tried to incorporate fun activities, contests, work out of the week and group events.

russell Regan and Vanessa

We even have an office dog that promotes daily walks. These activities create better relationships, tolerance and support of each other. Today we joined together for the wildflower 5k. As the boss it was great to be encouraged by my employees to help me achieve my running goal.


Now join us for our next challenge the Tahoe Tough Mudder!



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96161 Truckee , CA

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