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Spring Tips: Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring has arrived and with that a much needed revamp is in order.
Home Maintenance Checklist time – 5 Things To Do This Spring.

1. Review your roof
2. Get your mind into the gutter – removal of leaves and twigs and unclogging of the downspouts. When the spring showers arrive, be sure the water is directed away from your building/home to prevent leaking into your foundation.
3. Swap your winter coat for a coat of paint – make sure there are no cracks or peeling paint on your exterior – this can be inviting to new guests such as termites.
4. Declutter – Attic, Basement & Closet
5. Landscaping – with the drought conservation is key, plant Bougainvillea, Oleanders, Lantana or Texas/Purple Sage
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