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Did you know? Drywall Terminology

Below is our first little ‘educational bite’ called The GBG – “DID YOU KNOW?”


Gypsum Board

This is the technical term.


This is a slang term.



This is a brand name, but is commonly used as a name, like Kleenex instead of tissue.

Tape, Top and Texture

This is the description of the process used to prepare drywall for priming and painting.

Tape: Drywall tape is used to patch the joints where the sheets butt together.

Top: A topping compound is used to cover the tape and the nail heads to provide a smooth surface.  (see the white shown below)

Texture: The finish that goes over the entire surface of the drywall; it can be smooth or have texture to it and comes in levels (Level 1 is the roughest finish; Level 5 is the smoothest/hospital grade finish).

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